Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas 2008

All three children were home for Christmas: Brian from Boston, Emily from New Zealand and Laura from Colorado. It was the first time they were all home together since Laura's graduation last June.

Brian bought himself a Wii this fall, which he brought with him. We enjoyed auto racing! Brian took this photo on his new iPhone:

Pager came over for breakfast on Christmas Day (note the matching Yankee Farm Credit jackets and caps):

The fluffy thing on the chair behind Pager is a piece of sheepskin for him from New Zealand:

Laura decided that she didn't like our home printer, and so she and Brian bought a new printer/copier/scanner for me for Christmas. Now I can scan items for the blog! As a Christmas present for Nancy and me, Emily made a wonderful scrapbook of our two weeks in New Zealand. Here is a scanned page from the scrapbook with some items that didn't make it onto the blog:

The spiral stone stairway is what we climbed inside the steeple tower of Christchurch Cathedral. (See this post.) The "cage" is at the top of the 134 step climb—note the view of the city behind us. The ticket is from the Christchurch Tram.