Sunday, December 25, 2016


I have retired after 32 years with Farm Credit including 10 years as President and CEO of Yankee Farm Credit. It was a wonderful adventure! Some of that adventure was captured on the Yankee Farm Credit Blog.

Now a new adventure begins!

People ask me what I'm going to do in retirement. After all, I've been busy with my career in recent years. Busy enough that blogging here has slowed to almost nothing. What am I going to do to keep busy now?

Well, here is George's Strategic Plan for Retirement, if nothing more exciting comes along:

1. Eat, drink, sleep, exercise and be merry!

2. Help Nancy finish hiking the Long Trail.

3. Read books with big ideas. A few to start with:
4. Blog about ideas in said books (and others).

5. Travel with Nancy and blog about it. It's a big, interesting world out there, and we look forward to spending more time exploring it.

6. Spend time in Montpelier learning about how our state government works, especially the Legislature. And blog about it. For some earlier thoughts on government, see my 2013 post on Slow Democracy, Slow Government.

In short, the plan is to spend more time traveling in both the physical world and the world of ideas, looking for adventures to blog about. So stay tuned here!

P.S. Nancy retired at the same time as me. She said she "wanted to be done with me." The photo is from her retirement party. I want to thank the board of directors of Yankee Farm Credit for organizing a classy retirement party for me. Both Nancy and I were better dressed and better behaved on that occasion.

Update 2/08/17: I will continue to blog here about travel adventures in the physical world, but I created a new blog for writing about adventures in the world of ideas. Details in this post: The Switchel Philosopher.