Friday, October 31, 2008

Freedom and Authority: Copenhagen

The "Freedom and Authority" discussion of the play Copenhagen at Parents Weekend at Colorado College on Oct. 11, 2008 was most interesting.

There are several posts on this blog about the play and the discussion.

Before Parents Weekend, I wrote 4 posts about the play:

Copenhagen, Part 1 - introduction to the play
Copenhagen, Part 2 - introduction to quantum mechanics
Copenhagen, Part 3 - Bohr's and Heisenberg's contributions to quantum mechanics
Copenhagen, Part 4 - how it all fits together

After Parents Weekend, I wrote 3 posts about the discussion:

Copenhagen Discussion, Part 1 - what is a "Freedom and Authority" discussion?
Copenhagen Discussion, Part 2 - what we talked about
Copenhagen Discussion, Part 3 - what we didn't talk about

The most interesting part to me was what we didn't talk about.

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